Drysol Solution 50ml
Drysol works for 80% of the people with excessive sweating and can be used on most parts of the body; underarms, hands, back, feet. Drysol is extra strong, easy to apply, simple and safe. No more embarrassing handshakes, or underarm...
Dhs. 69.00
Urosel 30 Caps
Urosel is a food supplement which contains saw pawmetto, lycopene and zinc that keeps up with as well as works on the prostate capacity in Men. It is the ideal enhancement for men particularly those maturing from 40 years or...
Dhs. 265.00
OLIMAG - Oral Soluble Powder Sticks
High Absorption Magnesium with Vit B6, 20 Stick Packs Food supplement of magnesium and vitamin B6 Soluble powder Olimag Oral Soluble Powder Stick is a food supplement of magnesium and vitamin B6. These ingredients contribute to the normal energy metabolism,...
Dhs. 76.00
Repelast Spray - Natural insect repellant
Repelast® Spray is a natural insect repellant based on IR3535® (developed by Merck), it is effective against Mosquitoes, Stable flies, Deer flies, Wasps, Ticks, Black flies, Biting midges, Bees, Lice, Sand flies and House flies.   Repelast® Spray: Long lasting protection (for 12...
Dhs. 48.00
Pectiflor sparkling 20 tablets
Barrier by preventing colonization of the intestinal mucosa by pathogenic microorganisms. It helps produce lactic acid that normalizes the intestinal ecosystem and improves the immune system. Inulin (pre-biological): improves the intestinal ecosystem, stimulates perturbation. It also provides a metabolic effect...
Dhs. 138.00
GINIL WASH 150ML ( 1+1 Free ! )
Description: Ginil is an intimate detergent gel for women subject to recurrent vulvo vaginitis. It respects the physiological vaginal ph (4.5) and the vaginal microflora. Mimosa Tenuiflora: Plant of Latin America with recognized healing, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral properties. It helps...
Dhs. 58.50
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MARVIT VIT C PLUS ( 1+1 Free ! )
Description: MARVIT VITAMIN-C 1000MG 20EFF Food supplement in convenient effervescent tablets, useful to counter the symptoms and ailments generated by winter temperatures through the right intake of vitamin c. To counteract the first symptoms of colds and flu. It can...
Dhs. 48.00
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Argin Up 20 Sparkling 3000mg 20 Tablets
A dietary supplement based on arginine, turin, carentin, vitamin C, fermented papaya, zinc and folic acid. Argentina: resists physical and mental stress, and plays a very important role in the presence of cardiovascular disease and male fertility disorders. Torna: has...
Dhs. 273.00
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